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Monday, August 11, 2014

How Schoola Can Help Your School Raise Eays Money - Get 20% Off

I recently posted about how Schoola can help you raise money for your school - by just sending in your kids' used clothes. Have you requested a bag yet? I did.

I was fishing around on the site to find schools that have made money. Audubon Elementary School in Foster City has already made $39 - from ONE BAG OF CLOTHES, with only 67% of them selling so far. One parent sends in those clothes - no effort. Schoola sells them and gives Audubon 40% of the proceeds. How easy is that?

We're getting ready to send our bag of clothes in. My daughter cleaned out her closet earlier this summer and we've been trying to figure out what to do with the clothes. Some we gave to my niece, but she's gotten pickier about her style. We often donate clothes to Goodwill, but now we have another option - to send the nicest clothes to Schoola to benefit out school of choice. My daughter knows that she's lucky to have enough clothes to wear and that we make sure all of our used things in good condition don't go to the trash - they go somewhere where someone else can use them.

The other post has a bunch of helpful information on how Schoola works, how your school can make money, how you can help other schools by shopping for discounted kids' brand name clothing, and how you can easily help other schools with $1 donations - without it costing you a thing. What are you waiting for???

Try shopping at Schoola and get a 20% off your purchase (one time use only) through August 20, using the code BacktoSchoola20.

This post is brought to you by Schoola, the best place to buy discounted kids clothes all while give back to schools in need. Click here to learn more about Schoola. Click here to see what people are saying.

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