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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ocean Cake from the Cub Scout Bake-Off

For our Cub Scout bake-off this year, my son wanted to make an ocean cake. This is what we did. We baked a sheet cake and covered it with blue frosting (the gel coloring works better than food coloring). We made an island out of crushed graham crackers, and a palm tree out of a pretzel rod and a flat sour candy called Rips, which I hadn't seen before. We stuck them on with frosting.

Below are the decorations.

The kids had a great time decorating with Teddy Grahams on rafts, and ones in Gummy Lifesavers as floaties.

My daughter cut out a surf board from the Rips.

The final result follows the motto "more is more." It's a little more crowded than I would have made it, but then again, it's not my bake-off. My favorite comment from the evening is one kid who did a double take on the way in and said, "AWESOME!!!!"

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