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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Link Love - What I'm Reading

A friend posted this website link on Facebook (have you "liked" Frisco Kids yet?). You can insert the tooth fairy's picture on your own - and it's free for one photo if you use the code FAIRYFUN. Otherwise it's $10 for four pictures.

I met the writer of the Underachieving Domestic Goddess at the BlogHer conference and liked her immediately. This post is one reason one - though normally she's a no-nonsense funny gal, this piece is an inspirational story about why need to believe in yourself, and thank those who believed in you. If you want to read a funny post by her, here's one where she talks about why she'd make a terrible product reviewer.

This apple cheese pizza looks divine. So does this maple pumpkin biscuit recipe with candied bacon.

There's a whole subculture of families who travel full time (or for several years at a time). Fascinating people and much to think about! Here's a list of 100 lessons from 1000 days of travel from the Escape Artist.

Hotels with awesome kids rooms from Red Tricycle

A behind the scene look at Candlestick Park - video

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