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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Coming Up: First Stage for Families Series - Cal Performances

Cal Performances has a great program called First Stage for Families. They're hour-long performances, with music, acrobatics or theater geared toward families. They're budget-friendly as well.

The first performances this season, on November 4, at 11 and 3, is the Dell' Arte Company, with 7 actors combining theater, music and acrobatics in a show called the Fish in My Head. You'll see circus skills, physical comedy and music, blended in fantasy show.

Ticket/more info at the bottom. All performances cost $20/adult, $10/kid and are at the Wheeler Auditorium at University of California, Berkeley.

Other upcoming performances in the series:
When: Sunday, February 24, 2013
What: Oakland Folkharmonic - 5 string band. "Known for her work in various folk traditions from around the world, including Jewish klezmer music and Turkish folk music, Flexer’s concerts will showcase her ensembles’ eclectic repertoire, ranging from traditional modal music of Greece, Turkey and the Middle East to medieval music to original compositions by Flexer, Kammen, Hegedus and Ross Daly"

When: Sunday, April 4, 2013 at 11 and 3

What: Trout Fishing in America. “Embody[ing] a kind of goofball gestalt at odds with the sugary-sweet format of so much other music for the younger crowd” (The New York Times), bassist Keith Grimwood and guitarist Ezra Idlet create an broad mix of folk and rock music that is family-friendly."

Ticket information: Zellerbach Hall ticket office at (510) 642-9988 or at; and at the door. $20/adult, $10/kid
More information: visit here.

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