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Monday, September 24, 2012

Research Study: Girls and Breast Cancer

I'm posting this because a friend I trust is participating in the study, and her daughter has found it interesting. If it's of interest to you, please contact the researcher. We've done medical studies with our kids before, and it's a good learning process for them, to help them understand how the research helps us discover new treatments, new medications and how the body works.

The pitch:

I work on breast cancer-related research studies at the Cancer Prevention Institute of California, a non-profit organization in Fremont, CA.  The new study I am working on is currently recruiting girls ages 6-13 to participate in a 5-year study aimed to look at things we can do to prevent breast cancer starting from a young age.  This is truly cutting-edge research, especially if there are indeed things that children (and their parents) can do to reduce their risk of getting cancer as adults. 

The study is funded by the National Cancer Institute and is called the LEGACY Girls Study.  We are trying to recruit 270 girls here in the Bay Area as apart of a national cohort study where researchers are aiming to follow them throughout all stages of the pubescent and prepubescent life.  We have already recruited 100 girls!  If you or your friends/family members have a daughter who is 6-13 years old living in the Bay Area, we would absolutely LOVE for her to participate in our study.   

Some details: If you and your daughter agree to participate, there will be a female interviewer who will come to your home and 1) ask your daughter general questions about habits and exercise 2) measure your daughter's waist, hips, height, weight, and foot size and 3) if your daughter is willing, collect a urine and a small blood sample.  Although a blood sample is not necessary to participate in the study, it is a very powerful tool that helps us link biology to behavior and cancer risk.  Both you and your daughter will receive gift cards to fun places like TARGET at each visit as an appreciation for your contribution to the study. More importantly -- everything is strictly confidential! 

I've attached a 2-page brochure about the LEGACY Girls Study (Frisco Kids note: obviously that's not attached here, nor do I have a copy) and here is the link to our website:  The folks leading this study, as well as the interviewers, are AMAZING and they have done a great job making everyone who participates feel comfortable and well-informed about the whole process.  If you are interested, feel free email or call me (my work contact info is below).  I would love to speak to you more about it.  Alternatively, if you know others who would be interested, please pass this message along to them.

Thanks so much for helping out!

                     Meera Sangaramoorthy, M.P.H.
                     Epidemiologist III
                     Cancer Prevention Institute of California

                     2201 Walnut Avenue, Suite 300    |    Fremont, CA 94538     tel  (510) 608-5020  fax (510) 608-5085

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