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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Boudin's - Fun Bread

We love sourdough and often bring it to my parents when we visit. The kids never tire of looking at the cute sourdough creatures you can buy at Boudin's, especially at the Wharf.

When we visited recently, they exhibited a (burned) crocodile along with turtles. They were demonstrating how they make the animals - in Spanish and English. The baker wears a microphone and can talk to the people outside as she works.

Of course then you want to go inside to buy bread. Which is what we did. We had a hard time choosing.

Here an unburned crocodile. Inside, they have baskets with the freshly baked bread, transferred from the bakery to the sales area on bins that move through the store on a high wire system. It's fun to watch.

The larger breads (bears, crocodile, lobster, crab) are $20. The small turtles are $4, and the larger turtles are $10. The guy selling bread told me that the lobster is the best deal because you get more bread for the same price. We ended up with the crab, though, because my daughter loves crabs.

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