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Friday, October 14, 2011

School Snacks

I don't know about you, but figuring out what to send my kids for snack (let alone lunch), is the bane of my existence. Okay, that's being a little dramatic. I know there are many worse problems out there than what my kids eat between meals. But I have a picky eater at home (I'm the only one, right?) and he won't eat fruit or cheese sent for snack. I know you're saying that if he's hungry enough, he'll eat it. No. He won't. And he's a stick. He'd eat chips and cookies if I sent that, but I won't.

So here's my list of snack foods, not all of which my kids will eat, but I'm trying to be thorough in case yours will. I also need snacks to be finger foods (they have a "working snack" and no recess - don't get me started) and contain no nuts or sesame seeds. Sigh. Glad my kids aren't allergic, but there are a rash of kids at school who are.

DAIRY: cheese, tubes of yogurt, container of milk
FRUIT/VEGGIES: banana, apple slices, grapes, berries, raisins, carrots, dried fruit, snapea crisps, edamame,
STARCH: crackers, bag of high fiber/lower fat cereal, bars (Nature Valley or chewy granola), popcorn, pretzels (I like the honey wheat ones from Trader Joe's), goldfish, rice cakes (preferably with cheese), graham crackers
PROTEIN: Beef or turkey jerky, and the following if your school isn't nut free: mixed nuts, honey roasted peanuts, sunflower seeds (these are banned from our school as well)
BAKED: I make pumpkin muffins from scratch (or with TJ's mix - seasonal), or banana muffins with chocolate chips (no nuts, unfortunately).

What school snacks are in your regular line-up?


  1. Wow! Eliminate the "starch" and most of the "dairy" then increase the protein (perhaps with chicken or turkey, etc) and then you'd have an accurate portrayal of what we feed our kids. We don't do feed them or ourselves much in the way of carbs or gluten and know teenagers who have given up gluten, causing their once difficult skin to improve significantly.

  2. I get the tubes of yogurt and freeze them...I also make sure I stay away from the kid ones that have the extra sugar added