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Monday, September 13, 2010


When my kids made Frushi on a playdate, I thought it was quite clever. Imitation sushi made with fruit. I didn't realize it was a real thing. They heard about it through the playdate's sister's American Girl magazine - from the library. But it turns out American Girl didn't make it up at all.

 The kids wrapped a banana chunk with seaweed, and covered with with chocolate sauce and nonpareils. Instead of fake, plastic grass, they used real grass. And instead of ginger, a slice of strawberry. As for wasabi? It's cream cheese mixed with food coloring and covered in green sprinkles. I know, you're all licking your lips.
The boys actually ate it.


  1. Was it any good? I had never heard of Frushi before your article.

  2. The kids liked it. It sounded nasty to me - teriyaki flavored-seaweed with banana and sprinkles, but it got my kid to eat some fruit!