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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coming Up: Chinese New Year Parade 2010

Despite the saying, not everyone loves a parade. The Chinese New Year Parade is an exception. Big dragons. Dancers. Drums. Firecrackers. Cute kids dressed up. Lots of music. This is a great parade for the kids to watch.

The Chinese New Year Parade takes place Saturday, February 27th starting at 5:15. You can find the parade route here. As you might imagine it can get very crowded in Chinatown. If you're claustrophobic or want to able to make a quick exit with the kids, I recommend heading to a less populous spot. While not as scenic, we go to the starting area on Market Street and Second. Not only does the parade start more quickly for us (so we can head home earlier), but there are less people. And a McDonald's near by. Hey - not my idea, but it gets the kids to stop complaining while we wait. There's a Boudin's too - that's where I go.

The parade is sponsored by Southwest Airlines - which is funny because they don't even fly to China.
Photo by Global Jet

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