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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Free Things to do with Kids

While you may not be a grandparent, the free e-book “100 Free Things To Do With Your Grandkids,” is still full of ideas for a rainy day (or for when Grandma comes to babysit).

Many of the ideas here aren’t rocket science (like thumb-wrestling), but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded. Try out some simple crafts like making a noisemaker out of paper plates and dried beans (yeah, I know – noisemakers probably aren’t the best example –we’re always on a quest to decrease noise from our household, not add to it).

An off-the-mark idea from this book: #56, play croquet. In the absence of an actual set, the e-book recommends using a toilet plunger as a croquet mallet. Gross! Who in their right mind would let a kid take a toilet plunger out of the bathroom to start swatting at things? That would qualify for a “time out” in our house. The next idea should be #57 – “race to find the bleach and Purell.”

Better are ideas like: write down 5 things about yourself, only 4 of which are true. The kids can guess the false one, learning about you in the process. Of course this works better as a drinking game. You’ll have to think extra hard on the kid version, since you don’t want your little ones to know about your youthful indiscretions.

Idea #61 is pretty much my cooking philosophy – “cook using only found items.” This is also what I call “freezer cooking,” when I delve into the crowded darkness I call my freezer, to find items for dinner since I’m too lazy to go to the store. I am a Virgo, though, so my pantry is well-stocked.

Get the e-book at, where you’ll need to register (registration is free, but you’ll probably get on their mailing list).

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