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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Family-Friendly Subscription Box Services

If you haven't noticed, subscription boxes are the latest gift trend. These boxes, which arrive once a month, contain whatever theme the company is built on. Subscriptions are usually around $20/month, with discounts for longer term commitments. Many companies offer deals on these through the daily deal companies.

The kid boxes are a great gift for grandparents or aunts/uncles to give grandkids - because kids love to get packages and inside is something new to do. Here are some of the many subscription services out there. With two or more kids in the house, often the companies will let you add on supplies for less than the cost of an extra box.

Some of the food boxes would make great gifts for the hard-to-shop-for adults. Many plans have additional point systems where you can earn points for reviewing products, and you can spend them on additional items.

Wonder Box by - 3 projects per box, including all supplies
Theme: varies (nature, science, storytime)
Cost: $19.99/month (free shipping)
Age: 3-6

Kiwi Crate - based in the Bay Area, the company offers more than just subscription boxes. You can also buy one-off holiday crates, goody bag crates, and simple costumes as well.
Theme: varies (gardening, dinosaurs, colors).
Cost: $19.95/month (free shipping)
Age: 3-7

Kelly Kit Art - art kits and additional purchases like sensory gift packs and birthday party packs
Theme: various arts (painting, sculpting, drawing, printmaking or collage).
Cost: $9.95/month
Age: 2+

Green Kids Crafts - 3 projects per kit. Earth-friendly craft kits, plus special additional craft kits and party packages
Theme: various (nature, science)
Cost: $19.50/month (free shipping)
Age: 3-8

Little Passports - kids follow adventures of Sam or Sofia as they travel the world or the USA. Each month kids get a map, stickers, online game access, souvenirs, letters, photos and activity sheets based on the destination.
Theme: travel - USA or world
Cost: $13.95/month for 3 month subscription ($10.95/month for 1 year subscription)
Age: 5-10 for world edition, 7-12 for USA edition

Magic School Bus Science Club - science experiments your child can do at home (you can help)
Theme: science (kits might include lessons on chromatography paper, owl pellets, minerals, magnets, mirrors, thermometers, pH balance, brine shrimp)
Cost: $19.99/month, shipping included
Ages: 5-12

Sproutkin - Founded by a Bay Area mom, this subscription service offers 10 books and discussion cards every month. The only catch (if you can call it that) is that you return the books you're done with - or buy them at 10% off retail price. Kind of like a library.
Theme: books
Cost: $25/month (free shipping both ways)
Ages: 3-6

Citrus Lane - 4-5 various products tied to your child's age and development stage. They'll include toys, books, snacks, household items like sunscreen or lunchbags.
Theme: various (fun in the sun, art and music, bed and bath)
Cost: $25/month (free shipping)
Age: 0-3 - 4-5 monthyly items of baby stuff tailored to the baby's age and developmental stage.
Theme: includes items like creams, baby foods, wipes, toys and books, plus a mom treat every month
Cost: starting at $11/month (free shipping)
Age: baby

NatureBox - receive 4-6 full size packages of all natural snacks.
Theme: healthful, all-natural snacks like pistachio power clusters, granola, roasted nuts, pineapple
Cost: $19.95/month (free shipping)
Age: any

GFreely - gluten-free
Theme: gluten-free snacks and recipes
Cost: $19/month plus $6/shipping
Age: any

Love With Food - Bay Area based company that donates a meal for every box purchased. 8+ gourmet samples per box. A very affordable gift option.
Theme: gourmet foods like artisan marshmallows, granola, tea, organic kettle corn, shortbread, flavored olive oil.
Cost: $10/month ($0-$2/shipping depending on subscription)
Age: any

Conscious Box - for those wanting to help the environment using vegan and sustainable products.
Theme: sustainable products, including beauty, food and soap
Cost: $12/month (plus $7/shipping); vegan box is $19.95/month including shipping
Age: any

PV Body - for women who like to exercise in style, this company sends a designer top and bottom each month.
Theme: fashionable exercise clothes for women (one top, one bottom per month)
Cost: $40/month (free shipping) until December 1 ($49/month after that). To take advantage of the lower price use this link (Frisco Kids readers using this link until December 1 get it for $32/month).
Age: adult sizes

Bark Box - 4-6 goodies for your dog, based on dog size
Theme: dog items (bones, shampoos, treats, gadgets and more)
Cost: starting at $17/month (free shipping)
Age: any

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