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Monday, August 6, 2012

Link Love - What I'm Reading

Homemade Twix. No way I'll ever make these, but they look delish.

Meals and recipes to deliver to friends, from A Little Yumminess.

I write a lot about radiology. So this item found me in my inbox. Make a chocolate brain from an MRI scan. So quirky and weird. And kind of gross.

Check out this awesome house in a converted church. Love it!

And also in a church theme (or Moroccan arch theme - you take your pick) is this fabulous wine cellar.

Cheap fun summer activities with the kids - a great list by Bargain Babe.

Looking for some fun but cheap things to do with the kiddies this summer? Read 5 places for free or cheap staycations from Suddenly Frugal

8 truths I learned about organizing from the Berenstain Bears - from Apartment Therapy

Cool, funky LEGO things - that aren't just LEGOs, by Red Tricycle

U-Pick Fruit Farms - go fruit picking with A Little Yumminess. I know, it's a little late. But I'm very behind on email.

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