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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Get 'Yer Tickets - Lick Observatory Summer Visitor Program

Tickets go on sale today for Lick Observatory's summer visitor's program. At the program, you can look through the 36 inch Great Lick Refractor and the 40 inch Reflecting Telescope. In the event of low visibility (fog, rain), they'll have two programs. Other informal and formal talks go on that evening as well.

Ages 8 and older recommended. Programs begin at sunset, with viewing after dark.

Here are the dates of the program (the latter date) and ticket purchase date per program (the first date). Six tickets per household per date. Tickets are $5 each, including service fee. Get tickets and more information here.

  • May 17 for June 24 SVP
  • May 19 for July 8 SVP
  • May 24 for July 22 SVP
  • May 26 for August 5 SVP
  • May 31 for August 19 SVP
  • June 2 for August 26 SVP

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