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Monday, April 26, 2010

Kid-Friendly Dining in Downtown San Francisco's Westfield Shopping Centre

A mall food court doesn’t usually inspire the taste buds. Soggy Chinese food, tasteless pizza, and mediocre ice cream from a machine? No thanks. If you’re shopping at Westfield San Francisco Centre (865 Market Street), near Union Square’s Hotel Nikko or Kensigton Park Hotel, try out some local fast food that’s kid-friendly and gourmet to boot.

Out the Door: This Vietnamese restaurant is brought to you by famed chef Charles Phan of the Slanted Door. Sit down or get take-out — including wine and beer — and enjoy shaking beef or chicken claypot with ginger and cilantro.

San Francisco Soup Company: Started by a San Francisco mom (and still family-owned), this soup shop makes its soups from scratch. Plus, the company composts and uses biodegradable and recyclable packaging, so you can eat guilt-free.

Beard Papa: For dessert, try one of these famous cream puffs (see the lucscious photo above). The Japanese style desserts are oozing with creamy chocolate or vanilla custard — filled on the spot just for you.

Beard Papa photo by aspherical elements
San Francisco Soup Company photo by titanium22

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