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Monday, June 1, 2009

Craft Day: Chocolate Ice Cream

Ever since Mark bought me a Krups ice cream maker, he’s regretted it. I have a great time trying new ice cream recipes but he doesn’t much like eating it. He loves ice cream, mind you. He just doesn’t love MY ice cream.
This is why I was excited when Zack came up with the idea of making chocolate ice cream. His request came at a very busy time for us, and it was repeated several times throughout the week. So I went online to look for a recipe, since my recipe stash contained fancy ingredients like one pound of Guittard chocolate. I knew my McDonald’s loving son wouldn’t appreciate that.

I found a recipe calling for one gallon of chocolate milk, one Cool-Whip container and one can of evaporated milk (I think it was 13 oz). Then I flipped to the next recipe, since there was no way it could be that easy. But I thought better of my high standards and decided it was perfect. After all, how bad can chocolate milk, Cool-Whip and evaporated milk taste?

It wasn't difficult – pour ingredients into a bowl and mix, then pour into machine. Even Zack could do it. Of course I didn’t realize that my small ice cream maker would only handle half a gallon, so I had to make two batches. The ice cream maker didn't do a great job at freezing it during the first batch (but the actual freezer worked just fine).

The first batch was plain chocolate, and the next batch I added nuts, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows to make rocky road. It was a hit (but Mark still didn’t like it).

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