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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Costumes on the Cheap

A recent Sally Forth cartoon featured fall on the cheap – making your own Halloween costume. After Ted (the dad) suggested a random costume idea for daughter Hilary, Sally replies “or you could just wear yellow sheets and go as a jaundiced ghost.” I laughed out loud. Partly imagining the costume. But partly because I’ve come up with random ideas for my daughter too.

There was Dori’s first Halloween, when all the moms in the mom’s group dressed their kids up in adorable outfits they bought online. You know the ones – like the pea in the pod, where the baby’s head is one of the peas. They thought I was insane, because I brought Dori to the Halloween party dressed as “denim girl.” She wore a denim dress and denim hat. It was entirely lame, but I really didn’t care.

The next year Dori went as Javanese girl, in an Indonesian boy’s outfit I bought for $1 while traveling pre-kids. And Zack went as Javanese boy when he fit into it a few year’s later. Nobody knew what the kids were dressed up as. And at the annual mom’s group Halloween party, the other moms just rolled their eyes at my costume selection. Again.

We’ve gotten a little more progressive with the Halloween costumes since then. Last year, Dori wanted to go as a bee, and to make her own costume. I think she did pretty well. Zack wants to go as a live backpack this year. Don’t ask me what that is, but he plans to wear his backpack on his front, and use it for candy. I’m sure it will look better than when I was in grade school and dressed up as a computer, using an entire roll of tin foil to cover a large box that I put around me. I’m still getting teased about that one.

If you want something homemade, but that actually looks good, Family Fun magazine is always good for creative ideas.

And if all else fails, go to Target on November 1st. The costumes are all 50% off and you can stock up for next year.

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  1. Interesting..! Making our own Halloween costume is always a great fun and also save lot of money.