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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Get 'Yer Tickets: Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Baily Circus

The Ringling Brothers retired their elephants, so now is the time to head back to the circus. Their new show, Out of this World, comes to San Jose and Oakland in August, and it looks like a great time. Check out the video on their website for a preview.

From Ringling: "In Out Of This World, audiences will be riveted by an interactive, action-packed storyline filled with space-age family fun and technology, which deepens their connection to the performers. Through the lens of a magic telescope capable of discovering the most spectacular circus stars in the galaxy, they will join the Circus Space Fleet on a heroic mission of good versus evil to bring performers back to Earth, traveling to interstellar worlds of sand, water, fire and ice.

For the first time, the show features thrill skaters, in addition to unbelievable performances by gravity-defying acrobats, majestic animals and hilarious clowns. Imaginations will run wild throughout the non-stop display of artistic athleticism, with acts seamlessly transitioning from floor to air to ice, a feat never before done in Ringling Bros. history."

Don't forget to come early, so you can see the animals and entertainers up close.

Oakland - Oracle Arena: August 18-August 22
San Jose - SAP Center: August 25-September 5

Tickets: online

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