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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Link Love with LEGOS and lots more

I've been collecting links for awhile now and wanted to share these with you.

The New York Times recently ran an article on taking a budget family vacation. Only their idea of budget vacation STARTED at more than $4,000. That's not budget to me, nor to my fellow travel bloggers. Walking on Travels asked other travel bloggers to account for their budget trips, and recorded them on her post. It's should be a great wake-up call to the New York Times. It's worth a read.

Have you seen the Dove video which shows how our view of ourselves isn't the same positive view that others have of us? The three minutes you spend watching this is worth it. The parody about men is pretty funny - watch it after.

Things I Carry - a LinkedIn feature about what high power people bring with them each day.

I realize it's past Easter, but save this link for next year. Make a paper strip Easter egg art piece - so cute! By Julip,'s design blog.

Bay Area family restaurants with a view - by Red Tricycle

Creating a "to do" shelf. I love this idea!

Paint Roller Printed Walls - check out this cute roller and what a difference it makes to the wall design! From Apartment Therapy.

And while we're talking about wall design, my latest obsession is with chalkboard paint. I haven't dipped into it myself, but I want to.

Did you know that many of the products and services we take for granted were developed in Israel? Things like flash drives, amniocentesis, drip irrigation, desalination, computer security, baby monitors, office printers, pill cameras, and various medical treatments. A fascinating read.

If you need something brainless and very funny, check out the pictorials of women laughing alone with salad, or women struggling to drink water. 

And now for LEGOS.
Are your kids into LEGOs? If so, and even if not, you'll love these amazing LEGO creations.

The new Legoland Hotel just opened up. Here are a few links, including the Los Angeles Times take on it, Gizmodo's take (with lots of photos), and Legoland Hotel works of art. And here's the official site.

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