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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Link Love - What's Been Overtaking My Inbox - Good Stuff!

I hope everyone had happy holidays! We were traveling and then I got sick. Now it's back to work (and back to school for the kids), and I'm trying to catch up on...everything!

This post is a mishmash of stuff from my proverbial mail bag (or inbox). I've put so many things in folders for "later" that it's overflowing. Thought I'd share some of them with you. has a deal now - $5 for $25 certificates. I need to stock up. Use code DINE through this Wednesday 11:59 p.m.

How awesome are these hats? A friend made them for my kids. She's selling them. You can find her at By Hook Crocheting on Facebook.

Zack models the LEGO Ninjago hat. The Garfield hat below was made for my daughter.

There's a cool store that opened up in San Francisco this summer called Tantrum (858 Cole Street). Lots of (new and) retro clothes and toys (midcentury) - great vibe. They have lots of hand-made items and housewares too, with a 50s-60s carnival/circus look.

Bubble Bum - my kids are out of car seats (hooray!) but after traveling on planes and rental cars for the holidays I remember the days of lugging around car seats and booster seats. The Bubble Bum is now being introduced - it's a blow-up booster seat that you travels in pouch. My friend got one (she works for AAA) and tried it out. She said it's very quick to blow up and folds into a small pouch. They're available at select Target stores.

There's a new online grocery shopping/delivery service called InstaCart providing at-home delivery within 3 hours (and apparently they text you to update you about delivery time). Normally I wouldn't mention this, except they provide delivery from Trader Joe's, in addition to Safeway. It's currently available in San Francisco, Mountain View and Palo Alto. They're offering $5 off during January, using code BUSYPARENTS during checkout.

I'll have more for you, but I thought this was a good start!

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