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Friday, December 14, 2012

Creating Family Holiday Memories

My article on gifts that keep on giving just came out on (and it quotes a Bay Area local!). One of the reasons I wrote this article is because I love the gift of creating and sharing experiences, not clutter. Sharing events and activities is the reason I started Frisco Kids.

Creating memories is so important as we raise our kids, and it's something we can do without having to think too hard at it. You hear about an event on Frisco Kids or from your friends, and you go. Instant memory (hopefully a good one).

I've mentioned the website Spotivate before on Frisco Kids. It's a website that like ours, shares ideas of things to do together, whether it's crafts or activities. After logging into their site, you can bookmark or save activities that you want to do, and check things off your bucket list when you've done them (I love that feeling of accomplishment!). They offer "kudos" if you encourage others to sign up, in the form of gift cards or charitable donations. The weekly email they send with ideas is beautiful - gorgeous pictures and not too much text.

You can watch a video about Spotivate here to see what they're up to. I get their weekly emails and have fun poking through their site because it's so beautiful. And they have great ideas of things to do. To join Spotivate, click on the link and sign up in the upper right side of the page. It takes 20 seconds and it's free.

What are you doing to create family memories this holiday season? Did you read my bankrate article yet and get any ideas? Just a suggestion.

Not shocking: this post is sponsored by Spotivate.

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more, I love giving and receiving gifts of experience rather than material objects. Creating memories and traditions for our children to remember is more important then we think. A fellow blogger (Karen To of Tyckled Tales) turned me on to Spotivate and it's a great concept. I predict that it will save me the time of researching what to do with my daughter and I love the concept of having a forum to rate and review the event.