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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Frisco Kids and Facebook

Facebook continues to change how it works, so I wanted to make sure those of you following Frisco Kids on Facebook knew what was going on. Facebook added a notifications feature, which helps you see posts from your favorite pages. If you're not receiving notifications and stating that you want the Frisco Kids posts to appear on your Facebook news feed, then you're not getting the full benefit of following us!

I post many of the Frisco Kids links on Facebook, plus ones that don't appear on the blog itself. I post a few times a week, nothing that will clog up your wall.

To make sure you're seeing our posts on Facebook:
1. "Like" Frisco Kids on Facebook if you're not already (just click the "like" button at the top right under the big photo)

2. Put the cursor over the "like" button and you'll see a menu pop up. Click on "show in news feed" so our posts will appear on your news feed (otherwise they won't - and you'll miss all the good stuff).

3. Click on "get notifications" so you'll be notified of any new posts.

4. If you're not subscribed to Frisco Kids free email service, you should do so! You'll get at most, one email a day with any Frisco Kids blog posts from the past 24 hours. The sign-up box is on the right column under the BMW ad - look for "subscribe to Frisco Kids by email."

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