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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to school organizing

I was doing some shopping at Target recently, and found some fun back-to-school organizing things found in the dollar section.

But first, you might be interested in this article on getting your kids to do your homework. I was quoted in it, so I'm a little biased. Take a look.

This wipe-off board is good for kids to track what they need to do the next day, what things to pack in the backpack, or list what needs to be done during the afternoon. It is $1.

This owl is a chalkboard, and it hangs on the wall. There were several other styles as well, including a non-animal shape one. It's $2.50.

This mini corkboard can be used for notes, school permission slips and more. $2.50.

Decorate hooks. Probably not sturdy enough for backpacks or heavy jackets, but it would work for lighter items. There were other designs as well. $2.50.

These labels are very cute and good for all kinds of labeling. $1 each.

This week-at-a-glance pad has lines for every day of the week. Good for a kid with a kid-sized schedule, or an adult who likes to track at max, 10 things at day. $1.

I couldn't resist buying this cute little metal chair, that's used to hold a cell phone. Good for me when I want to play Words with Friends. $1.

This isn't really organizing, but it could come in handy. It's a lined plastic-coated board so your little one can practice writing and then wipe the slate clean. It was $1.

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