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Friday, June 11, 2010

Caterpillar Cake

It's birthday cake time! This year my son had a bowling party. So it was obvious that the cake he'd request looked like...a caterpillar.

I looked at a lot of cakes online, and most caterpillar cakes were modeled after the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. But given that my son is not in preschool, I thought these catepillar cakes looked too young for him. Besides, he wanted a blue caterpillar with yellow and white triangles.

So here's what I did. I made a a sheet cake and covered it with brown frosting. That was supposed to be like the dirt. Then I made a Bundt cake and carved it up, putting it in a curvy shape. Unfortunately the cake didn't sit flat, so I had to stick extra pieces of cake in between the slices, and sometimes prop it up on the bottom with more cake slivers.

I colored some frosting blue, and began slathering it on. But it wasn't going on smoothly and I kept getting cake crumbs in it. So I heated up the frosting and poured it over. I had to keep heating it up, because it kept hardening in the bowl. It was still lumpy looking, but have you ever seen a smooth looking caterpillar? Me either.

I colored the face yellow and filled some Ziplock bags with other colors, cutting off a tiny tip of the corner. I used that corner to add the details - a cheap frosting tip! Because I wasn't able to make triangles, I did dots instead. I used leftover cake crums to create "dirt" on the cake.

As for the antennae, my mother-in-law came up with the brilliant idea of using candles (I got sparkler candles) for the antennae. We then added the rest of the sparkler candles as the fuzzy hair down the caterpillar's body. This impressed all the 6-7 year old boys at the party, which really is the entire point of the whole cake.

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