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Saturday, May 9, 2009

KFC isn't honoring original coupons for Grilled Chicken meal - rain check instead

Judging from my site statistics, the KFC Free Grilled Chicken promo last week was popular indeed. So popular, that KFC has stopped honoring the coupons.

They're offering a rain check and I'd love it if someone would describe their rain check to me in plain English.

From what I understand from the KFC website, you are supposed to take your coupons into KFC, and ask them for a rain check form. THEN, you fill out the rain check form and attach your coupon, and give it to the store manager. Or you can mail the package to KFC corporate. Then, they mail you back ANOTHER coupon for the same thing (plus a free Pepsi).

Huh? Did you have to read that paragraph several times? Check out the original wording on their website - it's not much better. KFC says it didn't realize how popular this promotion would be.

They should have known better than to underestimate the power of Oprah and free food.

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  1. the final verdict is that they are taking rain checks, right? i wonder if this will stick...