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Saturday, February 21, 2009 certificates 80% off - coupon here

If you haven't used, you're in for a treat. Browse the restaurants in range of where you want to eat (i.e. 15 miles of your home), and then purchase a gift certificate for $10, $25 or $50 off your meal, for much less than the face value. And right now they're offering 80% off THAT cost. So while a $25 certificate would normally cost you $10, now is costs you $2. Yes, two dollars.

Of course there are conditions attached - set by the restaurant. It might mean a minimum order or dining Sunday-Thursday. Or it might not. Tipping would be based on the normal meal price. Fair enough.

I've used these coupons before, and just bought three more before posting this. After picking out the coupons you want on, enter the promo code DINE in the promomotions box, and it will show your new low total. Pay and then print the coupons. The promotion ends February 28, but the coupons can be used for a year. And even without the discount, the price is still good!

Help stimulate the economy with a night out - at a discount!

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  1. oh, thanks!! I just got the $25- gift certificate to our favorite mexican resturant!!!