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Friday, October 3, 2008

Coming Up: Free family programs at SFMOMA

October 5 & 19

The last time I brought my kids to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) was maybe a year ago. We met up with my friend Mimi and her family. Her son was 2, and the best behaved child in the museum (okay, just the best behaved child period). My children were terrors, stepping past the lines in front of the artwork. Pushing elevator buttons. Trying to touch the sculptures.

We hurried through the special exhibit that cost extra to get into (and for the life of me I can’t even recall what it was, but I really really really wanted to see it). The most memorable part (or at least the least stressful) was the cafĂ©. I remember that chocolate chip cookie (it was good).

I guess we’re not banned from the museum, since the PR person emailed me about some upcoming events and even expressed satisfaction that we might come. Perhaps she didn’t get a good look at the picture of my kids on the blog.

That said, I’m eager to try it again (just like I was eager to have a second kid after 3 days of labor and an ineffective epidural). I have... memories of my mother, a lifelong museum docent, dragging me into galleries and asking “what do you see in this art work?” Now it’s my turn.

Okay, now for the real reason you’re reading this post. SFMOMA is hosting twice monthly free family programs (with free admission for up to 4 adults). This month, the dates are October 5 and 19. The programs include a gallery tour, hands-on art project and special book reading or screening. Stay an hour. Stay the day. They don’t care. Just come. (But if too many of you come, you will be turned away, since there's a limit).

What: SFMOMA’s free family programs
When: October 5 (Flash! Science and Photography) and October 19 (The Speed of Light)
Time: Tour starts at 1:00, special presentation at 2:00
Who: kids ages 4-11 and up to 4 accompanying adults.
Where: Koret Visitor Education Center
Cost: Free

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