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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Focus Group for Kids - $75

I love doing market research studies (mostly focus groups) and my daughter did her first one last spring. I was a proud mom – she made $75 ($20 of which I actually let her keep – the rest went to the college fund. Parent lesson: don't tell your kid ALL the money will go to the college fund, or she won't agree to be in the study).

This was a video game study where girls her age sat at a big table answering a researcher’s questions games. She later told me that she was incredibly bored within five minutes (it was a 90 minute study), but she loved making the money and getting an unlimited supply of Cheese-It’s and popcorn. Fortunately she didn’t see the soda.

The company that did this study, Plaza Research, is now looking for 8-11 year old kids who play video games, for another study. You need to fill out an online survey, and if you qualify, both you AND your kid will need to answer some questions on the phone. It’s a lot of “do” for $75, but a great way for your kid to earn some spending money. And to facilitate a discussion with your kid on how products are tested (My children dutifully recite after commercials “Mommy, were they trying to get us to buy that pizza in the commercial?”)

The study is in downtown SF (Union Square) and once your child is safely ensconced in the focus group room, you’re FREE TO GO SHOPPING! Yes, I feel like a negligent mom saying that I indeed used up every last spare minute to do just that. But I’ve done focus groups with this company before, and they’re legit. Hey - my kid gets $75, and I get free babysitting!

So if you’re interested, the group is Monday, September 15th or Tuesday, September 16th - after school hours.

Requirements: Children ages 8 to 11 who play video games.
Location: Downtown San Francisco
Incentive: $75.00
Qualifying Survey: click here
In case the survey link isn’t working, call Plaza Research at (415) 984-0400 and ask for the KIDS study (or call if you just want to get on their notification list).

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  1. Debbie : You sure do know fun ways to make some extra cash. I love this idea of putting kids to work. They sure do need to know the value of money and learn it is tough to make it. It is fun and they learn about market, product selling, quality of products very subtly. Please do continue adding such great blog posts.