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Sunday, March 15, 2015

How to make marzipan objects

I love marzipan, and am always amazed by how they it can be shaped into different objects. I recently bought a jar of marzipan (you can get it in the baking aisle of your grocery store) and my daughter and I spent an hour making things from it.

While I have some pictures blown up below, you can see most of what we made during our marzipan session above.

You don't need many supplies to do your own simple marzipan creations. I bought one jar of marzipan, and used food coloring and food gels we already had at home. I thought the food gels would work better since they make a big difference in frosting, but the food coloring worked just fine.

I was a little afraid our hands would get stained when mixing the colors, and didn't have any rubber gloves at home. We improvised using sandwich bags tied with rubber bags around our wrists. That worked okay, but my hands got stained when making the various objects. Turns out, though, that the food coloring and gel washed right off, so there wasn't any staining after all.

My daughter made an amazing Ariel mermaid.

The bananas were the first thing I made. I thought they looked great!

I liked the bunch of carrots.

The green beans started off as the tops to the carrots. I thought they looked like green beans so that's what they were! And some little apples or tomatoes. I can't tell which.

Have you ever made marzipan objects?

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