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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Coming Up: Little Nemo - Free Movie for Kids

Roxie Theater in San Francisco (3117 16th Street) is showing the movie Little Nemo this Sunday, as part of their Roxie Kids free films. These are free for kids 12 and under ($7.50 for adults). They selected films to appeal to kids and adults - and not the typical Hollywood films either. These are more artsy. They want to expose kids and adults to more independent and foreign films.

This film is directed by Chris Columbus, who did Home Alone 2 and Harry Potter. Details about the show at the bottom.

Here's the story: "In the magical land of dreams and the mystical world of nightmares, there is a place more wondrous than the Seven wonders more magical than a Magic Carpet and more enchanting than an Enchanted Forest. This place is the world of a child’s dream where anything and everything is possible. Where time is timeless, and where imagination has no boundaries. Welcome to the dream world of Little Nemo.

On one unforgettable night, Nemo falls asleep and enters into his dreamworld and with the help of his new found friend, Professor Genius, and Nemos flying pet squirrel Icarus, they all journey together into Slumberland,a beautiful utopia where all its people live in perfect harmony together. Nemo is lovingly embraced by the people and especially the King of Slumberland who adopts Nemo and makes him heir apparent to the throne. He also entrusts Nemo with a special key that Nemo has been given strict instructions not to unlock the door in which this key belongs to. He is also given a most prized possession of the King, the Royal Scepter. Along the way, Nemo is befriended by Flip who becomes Nemo’s mischief making sidekick and as curiosity would have it he convinces Nemo to unlock the door only to discover that he has now unleashed a horrific demon over Slumberland…"

When: Sunday, November 30 at 2 p.m.
Where: Roxie Theater, 3117 16th Street (at Valencia), San Francisco
Cost: free for kids 12 and under. Others pay $7.50. Tickets here

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