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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Family Movie Nights - What are your Classics?

Do you have a family movie night tradition? We've been trying to bring our kids up to speed on some of the more recent classics. The movies we're watching may not be appropriate for your kids, but if you have some middle schoolers, here are the classics we're starting with:

Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Bueller? Bueller? This refrain is now being heard around our house. My husband had fun reminiscing about the Chicago area, where this movie is filmed, especially since parts were in his home town.

The Muppet Movie - this one is appropriate for the younger ages. My kids love the Muppets, and rightly so. They're freakin' awesome.

Wayne's World - party on! Excellent! The kids missed a lot of the cultural references, but they still found it hilarious. Even the "gratuitous sex scene" was PG rated.

The Breakfast Club - don't YOU, forget about me. I love this movie, and now my daughter does too.

School of Rock - go back to school with Jack Black and everyone learns some important life lessons.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - this is next on the list. We thought Wayne's World was more worthy, so watched it last.

Mean Girls - this was the first time watching for all of us. Like Ferris Bueller, this one is shot in Chicago, so there were some fun references there for the local hubby (Walker Brothers!). It was nice to see Lindsay Lohan when she appeared nice and normal. Very good movie and what a cast! Tina Fey, Tim Meadows, Rachel McAdams, Amy Poehler...

What movies are on your "classics" list to show the kids?

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