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Monday, November 25, 2013

Target Ugly Sweaters

I love getting paid to write about fun things. So I'll put it up front. Target is paying me to write about their ugly sweaters. I don't really get the whole ugly sweater thing. I didn't grow up with it. I posted about ugly sweaters on one of my other blogs two years ago.

Now, my husband does own three ugly ties. I'm not sure why he bought these (at a garage sale), and I'm also not sure if he's ever worn them. Especially since he wears a tie about 6 times a year. The one in the middle doesn't technically qualify as a joke tie, but it looks very Christmasy and the fabric is awful.

Target decided to sell ugly Christmas sweaters this year and they're trying to get the word out. Since I'm in Target every week anyway, this assignment was a perfect match for me.

What do you think? These are from the men's collection. Ugly? I do think they're ugly, but they're not as tacky as they could be. I think they should work on tackier for next year. The material is also kind of thin. Not the best look on most men. Here are two more.

The sweaters (except for the dog one) are $29.99. The dog one, which I don't think is in the ugly sweater collection (but should be) is $32.99. I'm curious what they'll cost on December 26, if you want to stock up for future ugly sweater parties and also love a bargain. (Late addition: online they're on sale). I scored some Halloween costumes and accessories at Target for 90% off after Halloween ended. Woo hoo! Candy wasn't quite as cheap, but I did grab some of that too.

While my assignment was to look at ugly men's sweaters, I of course looked at the rest of their offerings because I'm that kind of gal. I went to the women's section and found these:

I'm pretty sure that the guy working in the store, watching me take pictures, thought I was a whack job. I got in trouble taking pictures at Wal-Mart recently. Apparently Wal-Mart have a store policy that you can't take pictures there. This is what I was taking a picture of:

I'm not sure why Wal-Mart wouldn't want me advertising their unique toilet paper holders. But I digress. Wal-Mart isn't paying me to write about their ugly offerings, and Target is!

My Target ugly women's sweater favorites are the #selfie sweater, which is clever, and the dinosaur sweater because it's quirky. The women's sweaters are only $22.99 (online they're on sale). Why the difference between these and the men's sweater prices? Not sure.

I also found these clothes in the women's section:

I buy a lot of clothes at Target (including the boots and the nicer sweatshirt I'm wearing right now). These clothes pictured are downright really ugly. And I don't think they're supposed to be. Which is sad, because Target does offer a lot of nice styles. But not these.

You can't let your pets suffer from the cold. So Target is making ugly dog sweaters too.

I think all dog sweaters are ugly, so these aren't so bad, especially for $3 (in the dollar section). If your pet will wear these costumes, you can also find some cute Christmas hats like these:

And I really wish that they made these pajamas in kids' sizes - they only had them in men's. I would have bought them for my son. My family (except for me) is obsessed with the movie A Christmas Story. The PJs say "you'll shoot your eye out." Though these would fit my hubby, he wouldn't wear them.

Official disclosure: I've been compensated to write this post, though all photos and words are my own. You probably figured this out already, not only because I said it at the top, but because if Target had a say in this, they wouldn't want me posting about their unintentionally ugly clothes, nor about Wal-Mart. And they want me to use this hashtag: #hilariousholiday

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