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Monday, November 11, 2013

How to Help Our Veterans - and a few Veterans Day Activities Today

Today is Veterans' Day. Whether you know a veteran or not, there are ways you can those those who served our country, whether back in World War II, or in more recent battles in the mid-East.

Parade Magazine has a list of 11 ways to help veterans (with links), including paying to upgrade a soldier's helmet with cushioning, throwing a baby shower or sending a gift for a deployed soldier's wife, mailing a care package, helping soldiers transition show by supporting their volunteer work with worthy organizations, transferring your hotel points so military families can use them when accompanying their loved ones for medical treatment, donate toys/art supplies for soldiers to give kids in Afghanistan, send holiday cards, or teach a class to returned veterans to help them learn business skills.

Operation Finally Home builds houses for injured vets. Read more in this People Magazine story and donate if interested.

The big San Francisco Veterans Day parade was this weekend, but there are some celebrations in the East Bay today.

You can visit a military cemetery, like the one in the Presidio, to pay your respects.

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