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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Changes with Safeway eScrip and UPromise

I'm posting this because I know a lot of Bay Area schools use eScrip from Safeway stores to help with fundraising at school. I'm passing this along in case your school hasn't gotten word. This is directly from a Safeway eScrip email. Basically, they're saying that any Safeway payments made with credit cards will NOT count toward eScrip. And a separate email says that Safeway is no longer participating in Upromise.

"Two important changes to your Safeway (name) School program.
  1. August, 2013
    Your group can earn unlimited funding from Safeway. Yes, beginning in August 2013, the cap on group earnings was removed. Sign up and renew all of your families today!
  2. November 1, 2013
    In order to continue earning from Safeway, your supporters will need to pay for their groceries with one of the following payment types:
    Debit Card • Check • Cash • SmartCheck
    Safeway Gift Card • WIC • Snap
Of course, your supporters can pay for their groceries with a credit card, but their purchases will not generate contributions for your group. (emphasis added by Frisco Kids)
Be sure to spread the word with this flyer and also get the word out via email, facebook, newsletters, your web site, etc. 

Remember, your supporters will need to pay with the above payment types beginning November 1, 2013 in order to continue earning!"
Here is the email I received from Upromise:

"Effective October 31, 2013, the following store(s): Safeway will no longer participate in the Upromise Grocery program. You may continue to redeem grocery offers at the above mentioned stores on or before October 31st. After October 31, you will no longer be able to save for college with them.

This was a corporate decision from Safeway, Inc. If you'd like to contact them, you can do so on their Facebook page or website.

Over 100 supermarket and drugstore chains continue to help you save for college on your grocery purchases. To find a participating store near you, or to register a store loyalty card, please click here

To activate grocery offers, please click here

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  1. Safeway's eScrip change--so that company will save money from paying credit card fees--will result in a huge loss to all schools. And this was announced via email to school eScrip coordinators on October 3, after PTA budgets have been set for this school year. Dropping its participation in the Upromise program also is shortsighted. Why does the "Safeway Supports Education" slogan appear at the top of the eScrip Web site?