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Friday, February 8, 2013

Cub Scout Bake-Off

I recently posted pictures from our Cub Scout Bake-off last year. So here are this year's pictures. It was a good year for the Bake-Off! Our ocean cake didn't win, but it was one-of-a-kind.

This was made by the same family who made the Angry Birds cake last year. The spaghetti and meatballs, combined with the garlic bread, looked amazing. The spaghetti cake was frosted, and sprinkled with coconut. The spaghetti is strings of frosting put through a tip. The meatballs are donut holes. I think the sauce is jam. I was really amazed by the garlic bread. They used angel food cake with yellow food dye brushed on, and coconut rolled in green dye.

The sushi below won an award for most creative. The outside is fruit by the foot, and they rolled rice krispie treats and chopped up gummies inside. It was definitely sweet, and they had to work quickly so the rice krispie treats didn't dry out.

Though I don't eat bacon, the piggie cupcakes below were my favorite to look at. The bacon was carmelized. These piggies were gone pretty quickly.

My son loved the Lego Ninjago cupcakes.

Creative baseball cupcakes, even though it looks like they're bleeding.

Heeeeyyyyy, sexy Cub Scout!

Aiming for the Cub Scout camping theme award was this beautiful cake!

This pizza looked very realistic and was quite popular to eat! It's a big cookie with red frosting, pepperoni cut out of fruit by the foot (or the like), green Twizzlers, Junior Mints, and I'm not sure how they did the "cheese."

I like the double entendre of Pac Man, and the pack number.

This police car won the award for best Pinewood Derby car knock-off. The light on the top actually works, and they put it on for the awards.

I thought this popcorn cake was clever, especially with real popcorn coming out the top.

Lots of kids entered to compete for the camping cake award and they were fabulous. I love the graham cracker tents, the Twix logs, pretzel and Twizzlers fire and marshmallow border.

Brilliant use of Doritos for the camp fire flames.

Nice use of dental floss for fishing lines!

The campfire cupcakes were beautiful. Notice the charred marshmallows, chocolate Twizzlers and multicolor flames.

The cupcake cake below, representing a Cub Scout in full uniform, won the camping award. Bravo!

It's not a Bake-Off without some sports themed cakes.

And the Angry Birds cake of this year.

These truffles were delicious, and small enough you could eat several!

Stay tuned for next year's cakes!

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