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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Link Love - What I'm Reading Now

Some links I've been reading lately:

Thank you Red Tricycle for including Frisco Kids on their list of Best Family Travel Blogs. We're in good company, with some other wonderful blogs and websites you should check out.

Sweet baked treats in Dolores Park, thanks to A Little Yumminess.

Fun ways to pose for a family photo by Apartment Therapy.

I'm always trying to figure out how to squeeze more hours into the day and how to be present with my kids while also getting my things done. I loved reading Emma Johnson's account of her time makeover with author Laura Vanderkam, of 168 Hours and What Most Successful People do Before Breakfast.

Have you had a horrible airline experience with your kids? Read this one from Have Sippy will Travel about a mom and her 4 year old who were delayed three days due to overbooking etc.

Are you selling a house this summer? Here are some staging ideas (and beautiful pictures to drool over). It's from my new favorite home site, Houzz.

More info on why popcorn is really good for you.

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