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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sweet treats: Marshmallow Mischief, Chocbite, and Candy Stores

I've been seeing all the Easter candy advertised in the store...chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, candy, candy, candy. I thought I'd bring you some other types of treats to consider.

Marshmallow Mischief - this Bay Area sweets maker makes a gourmet rice krispy treat, that's gluten-free and gelatin-free (and they can make vegan as well). They sent me a sampler box to try, which I shared with friends (including kids). We each had our favorite - mine was the Italian Kiss, because it's made with chocolate and hazelnut (and the hazelnut flavor was strong - yum!). Other flavors include "Lava Aloha" (coconut/chocolate), "One, Two Chai-Chai-Chai" (Masala black tea), "Peace, Love and Peanut Butter," "Gingerlicious," (candied ginger/cinnamon), "Tall, Dark and Krispy," and "the Big Kapuna" (white chocolate and macadamia nut).

Chocbite - this is not a Bay Area company, but it is woman-owned, and she's a very delightful woman I'll say. I spoke to her for quite some time while ordering my Chocbites, which I found out about through a Plum District deal (the deal is unfortunately no longer available). Anyway, this is a chocolate company where you create your own bar. You choose the type of chocolate, and then choose from more than 100 toppings which are individually placed on the bar.
The bar above is the one my husband ordered. The one below is a holiday special bar they created for Valentine's Day. You can choose Easter ones as well. If you order, tell Adz (the owner) I sent you. Oh - she also does corporate gifts, so if your company needs to send some client gifts, here's another option. She makes a cute "Chocbite Bouquet."

Some places I'd like to try:
Young's Ice Cream and Candy Store - in Redwood City, this ice cream and candy store sounds like fun. It's gotten some mixed reviews, so I'd like to see for myself.

With several Bay Area locations, Powell's Sweet Shoppe has an old fashioned selection that looks like fun.

The Candy Parlour in Morgan Hill is locally owned and offers soda, toys and hair cuts (?) in addition to candy and parties.

Other sweet treats:
Our trip to Ghirardelli chocolate and ice cream fountain
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