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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Coming Up: Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl at Bay Area Discovery Museum

If the phrases: "Give a Hoot - Don't Pollute" and "Only You can Prevent Forest Fires" ring a bell, you're going to be excited about the upcoming exhibit at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. Two beloved American icons come to life in a special educational, interactive exhibit: Smokey Bear & Woodsy Owl: Home Sweet Home, created in collaboration with the U.S. Forest Service.

The exhibit runs October 9, 2010 through January 9, 2011.

Until a year or two ago, I thought Smokey's full name was Smokey THE Bear. But it's not. It's Smokey Bear.

This exhibit will help bring kids to nature and nature to kids. The exhibit encourages families to spend time together outdoors and inspires children to discover and care for the natural resources that sustain our world - our home sweet home. Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl guide visitors through urban, woodland and stream settings featuring a variety of educational activities (presented in English and Spanish), props, costumes and puppets that underscore the importance of protecting ecosystems, as well as highlighting ways to reduce, reuse and recycle resources. Exhibit activities will be especially engaging for children ages 2 - 8, providing young children with open-ended play opportunities that help build fundamental academic and social skills.

The exhibit is included in regular admission price at this awesome Sausalito museum.

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