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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sponsored Post: Pet Tourists in NYC

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It’s safe to assume that a metropolis as big and cosmopolitan as New York City has a host of places to coddle and pamper Fido and Kitty. New York after all, is the undisputed king of niche. Think about it. This is a city where dessert-themed nightclubs offer beer and cupcake pairing menus. A city where rice pudding shops offer home delivery until 10 p.m. A city where street vendors use Twitter to keep salivating devotees in the loop.

Just as New Yorkers love their food - and require incessant innovation, specialization and variety as a result - they also love their pets. Pet-friendly hotels in New York City then, are not so much an anomaly as a direct response to market demand.

So how far do you want to go to accommodate your pet in New York? This is the question because in truth, the sky is the limit. From full-service spas and day cares to gourmet chow fit for a restaurant critic, more and more establishments in the city are going beyond the call of duty to lure canine divas. If it seems indulgent and extreme, it is. Which is entirely the point of course. Why call yourself the “Ritzy Canine Carriage House” (in one notable case) otherwise?

In terms of regular hotels which do more than just “put up” with dogs and cats however, Manhattan is truly the perfect place to travel for pet lovers. New York City in fact, is the “pet friendliest city” in America (from the good people at Animal Fair Magazine). The city’s tourism bureau cites more than 160 hotels in the Big Apple alone that not only allow pets, but also offer perks for puppy and kitten alike. Common sense rules apply of course, from occasional special charges to stipulations about cleanliness and noise. And while many hotels display a remarkable bias towards canines only, a good many others allow cats, but also ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits and birds.

Thankfully for tourists unable to leave their critters at home, this pet-friendly push is more and more the norm in New York. Several of the big chain hotels, both budget and luxury, have great pet policies and amenities in place. Just call ahead or consult websites to find out more.

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