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Friday, February 19, 2010

Green Home Makeover in Bay Area

It's not quite Earth Day yet (the 40th anniversary is coming up April 25th). To prepare, I thought alert you to a Green Home Makeover service offered in the Bay Area. This one has a special going on right now, so it's quite affordable.

During the Green Home Makeover, you'll get personal recommendations based on your home and family life, to help you make more sustainable choices. They'll focus on energy conservation, recycling, energy efficient lighting, waster reduction, indoor air quality, water purity and emergency preparedness.

Use it as a way to make small life changes to save you money and help the planet. Plus you'll be teaching your kids some lessons.

The normal cost for the service is $99. The special rate right now is $29. Use the code WFM2010. If you're interested you can start making an appointment here.

I have no affiliation with the company (CA Green Solutions), nor have I tried the service. I learned of it through a working mom's network in the Bay Area. The company is owned by two local moms, who also sell green products.

What easy solutions do you have for making your home more green?

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