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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Review: Jonas Brothers 3-D Concert Experience

What's better than taking your kid to see the Jonas Brothers' 3-D Concert Experience? Having someone ELSE take your kid to the movie. Yes, last weekend we sent our daughter off to the theater with her friend (and her friend's big sister) for some girl-time. You know - Sex in the City for seven year old girls.

The best part: "I got Dibbs and popcorn!"

Oh yeah, she enjoyed the movie too. Even though she's never heard their music before.

Dori said the movie was "funny." Like the part in the beginning where 100 teen girls were chasing the Jonas Brothers around because "the girls all wanted to marry them." And the part where someone in the movie showed an empty popcorn container and pointed into the audience, asking the person in the red shirt for their popcorn. THAT was funny. According to Dori.

One scary part - the flock of birds that looked like it was flying into the audience. Dori fell off her seat for that part, and her friend had to look away.
So hurry on out to get your tickets - it's in 3D theaters for a limited time!
Contest: I have a mass-produced small movie poster from the Mercury News for one lucky, adoring fan. I'll mail it out to the first fan who sends me his/her home address (for purposes only of this contest). Use the subject line "Jonas Brothers" and email me at to win!

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