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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Aero Design Challenge at Hiller - Free Program

There are a few spots left for the final public session of the Aero Design Challenge. This is an annual event providing middle school students with opportunities to experience the engineering process with hands-on. They'll be challenged to design, build, test and improve a catapult-launched glider in an attempt to set a new distance record.

The challenges starts with a series of experiences on the theme of gliding flight, including wind tunnel tests, observations of real gliders and sailplanes, and flight simulation. Participants then work in small teams to construct and test a glider before competing their design against other teams. Aero Design Challenge is available at no charge to participants, thanks to sponsors Peaxy and SAP.

It's a 3-hour program open to grades 5-12. Engineers Week is a 1.5-hour experience for Grades 4-8. During each program, students will explore various stations throughout the Hiller Aviation Museum with their teachers, parents or chaperones while completing a design challenge. A parent, teacher or adult chaperone must accompany participants at all times while visiting the museum.

Registration is required.  Individuals or small groups can register through this link. If you have a group of 12 or more, reaching out to Hiller directly.

Hiller Aviation Museum is in San Carlos.

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