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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kiva - Help a small business and get $50 in promo codes to loan others

I've been a big fan of Kiva and have made microloans through it. Have you heard of Kiva? They coordinate loans of around a few thousand dollars to help individuals and those running very small businesses fund their business in one of 78 developing countries around the world. Your small loan of $25 or so is mixed with loans from other people, so that an entrepreneur in another country can do something like buy chickens to resell at market or buy auto parts for a small repair business. The repayment rates are extremely high - 98% - and you choose who you loan to. While the money is paid back, you funnel it into another loan after, so you don't actually get repaid yourself. Kiva is a nonprofit.

I've been making microloans through Kiva, $25 at a time for a few years.

Kiva has a promotion right now for new lenders who make their first $25 Kiva loan during August through their Go Far campaign page. Do so and you'll get two $25 promo codes by September 3, which you can use or share with others.

Please lend, and let me know who you helped fund!

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  1. How very interesting. Thank you for sharing this, I plan to look into it myself ;)