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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Activity Hero: Sign up for Camp/Classes on One Site AND Easy Earn Money for Your School - Sponsored

Is your school or organization looking for an easy way to raise money, while also helping parents simplify their lives? Bay Area-based ActivityHero can help. It’s offering a program where your school or organization can get $5 for each new camp or class a parent books using ActivityHero.

ActivityHero was started by Bay Area  moms who, like all of us, found the process of finding and signing up for after-school and summer programming cumbersome, confusing and time consuming. They started a company that makes the process easy. I’ve posted a few times in the past about, a website that aggregates different summer camp options and allows you to learn about and plan your camp registrations on one site, and coordinate with friends if you want. With similar goals and users, Sign Up For Camp merged with ActivityHero – so now you have camps AND classes all on one website – making it useful year-round.

If you’re interested in getting your school or organization on board, you need to have your representative send the school/organization name to Once you’re in the program, you’ll get $5 for each new class or camp registration (a minimum of two registrations needed to activate payment).

The site has a very strong presence in Palo Alto (485 camps alone within 10 miles of Palo Alto), Berkeley and San Francisco, but covers other parts of the Bay Area as well including the San Jose area. The beauty with using ActivityHero is that many of the camps/classes use the EasyEnroll form, so you only have to fill out the paperwork once . The website uses that information to help you register for multiple classes and camps, so no more filling out forms over and over with the same information. It’s all online and saved.

Disclosure: ActivityHero is sponsoring this post, though Frisco Kids is a big supporter of any website that helps us earn money for our schools, makes our lives easier and helps us find cool things for our kids to do.

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