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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Cub Scout Bake-Off

Unless your name is Buddy Valastro, it's unlikely that you're a male father figure and participating in our Cub Scout pack's father/son bake-off. Not that Buddy made an appearance. The father-son bake-off is my favorite Scout meeting of the year. Not that it's a close call. With our annual bake-off approaching, my son and I wanted to get some ideas from last year's bake-off.

This was our entry last year. Zack wanted to make a cake that looked like one of his African masks. And I think it turned out well!

The Angry Birds cake was made by the Martha Stewart of the pack and her son, who helped with the cake pops (crushed up Oreos mixed with cream cheese, rolled into a ball and covered with melted Wilton candy melts.

I appreciated this castle cake because we tried to make one using the same mold. And it was a disaster. This family did not make the mistake of attempting to frost it.

Not sure what the base is of this faux nacho dish, but it was all sweet and very clever. Not the cinnamon chips, jelly candies, chocolate covered raisins, and dripped orange frosting (I think that's what it is).

The year my husband made the dessert with Zack, this was a version of what they attempted. By version, I mean brownies. But they used cookie cutters to make shapes out of the brownies and no one ate them because they looked disgusting. The next year we as a family made robot cookies. They were a hit (with our kids).

We loved these cupcakes baked into ice cream cones and covered with frosting and sprinkles.

Another success was the LEGO head.

As a LEGO fan, Zack appreciated the LEGO person.

Who doesn't love a green dinosaur? Cute toes too.

Very clever alien, complete with awesome coloring.

My personal favorite, though I wouldn't eat the damn thing. This is a litterbox cake, complete with chunks of faux cat droppings. It was awesome, and appropriately gross for elementary school boys.

Radiation site anyone?

Football or giant turd - your call.

Like I said this is my favorite meeting, and the only one we can convince my daughter to attend as well. As Zack says, "you get unlimited dessert!"

Stay tuned for photos of this year's Cub Scout Father-Son bake-off. Our cake is baked. We're ready to decorate!

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