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Friday, September 21, 2012

Bars - here's the scoop

We eat a lot of bars in our house. As in cereal bars. I once cut out a recipe so I could make my own. Ha ha! Why would I do that when I barely have time to make our dinner? So I thought I'd give the Frisco Kids' scoop on snack bars.

Rickland Orchard's Greek Yogurt Bars - I tried these at BlogHer and they were quite tasty. My favorite is the toasted coconut one (though it has a fair amount of fat, not surprisingly). The bars have dried fruit, granola and are coated on one side with Greek yogurt (and a pretty drizzle on the other side). Downside: they don't do well in heat, so it's not a good one to carry around in the purse as a back-up snack or the yogurt coating melts. They have 5 grams a fiber in each bar, a bonus in my book.

Fiber One bars - we started buying these when our pediatrician recommended them as a fiber supplement to my son's diet. The bar has 9 grams of fiber (she also recommended the 90 calorie Fiber One brownies, which have 5 grams of fiber). He eats one a day for snack. His favorites are the peanut butter ones, but they don't have those at Costco, so we're sticking with chocolate unless I can get the others on sale.

MySuperSnack bars - This new company (MySuperFoods) was started by two moms who wanted healthful bars that didn't have additive or preservatives, and they sell the bite-size granola bars in a resealable BPA-free bag (in case the kids don't finish what they're eating). They sent me two sample bags to try - each bag is a single serving with 4 small bars each. They taste like chewy oatmeal cookies - yum! I couldn't get my kids to eat them because they said "apple raisin" and "blueberry banana acai" on the outside of the bag, and my kids can read (my son is not a big fruit fan). They also carry chocolate chip bars, but I didn't get samples of those. The packaging has cute cartoon characters (super food heroes) on it, which is good for the preschool set.

Quaker Oats chewy granola bars - these are staple at our house, along with their Target generic equivalent. We tend to get the big box at Costco, though those have the raisin ones in it and my kids won't touch those (we donate them to the food bank). We like the s'mores one too. The bars have 90-100 calories, which is not enough for snack. My kids usually take two bars - more waste, but no more grumbling tummies.

Nature Valley Granola bars - the kids love the chocolate ones (chocolate flavoring, not coated), which Costco sometimes sells. They're hearty enough for a snack and there are two bars per pouch. They solid and not chewy, so some kids may not like that. They travel well because they don't get mushy and they don't melt. They may break apart, but you can still dump the crumbs in your mouth. Their chewy peanut ones are good too, but we have to be careful about sending nut products to school.

The Zone Perfect bar - I love these and snack on them. Even though I'm not on a diet. I keep them in my gym bag in case I'm starving after my workout. Any of those covered in chocolate are good by me.

Power Bars - my hubby and daughter's favorite. These are great to travel with and we bring them on hikes and to amusement parks (they're thin enough to sneak in your clothes if the park doesn't allow outside food). I like the chocolate, chocolate cookie and vanilla crunch ones best.

What are your favorites???

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