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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Camp Mather Registration Starts Tomorrow

For San Francisco residents - Camp Mather registration begins tomorrow (1/6/12)! Camp Mather is in the High Sierras, and offers family camp that looks so awesome!

You'll need a SF Rec and Park Family Account to register. If you're applied in the last 3 years to Camp Mather, you will already have an account, but just need to renew your proof of residency, which you have to submit by 2/5/12 to apply for the SF resident lottery. Do so by mailing or emailing an Oct/Nov 2011 copy of your home utility bill or a 2011 copy of your secured SF property tax bill to:
Camp Mather Residency Renewal, McLaren Lodge, 501 Stanyan Street, SF 94117 or email, and include your phone number. Residents have to live in or own SF property.

Questions: Contact or call 415-831-2715.

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