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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Link Love - What I'm reading this week

Some links to pass along to you - of interest to parents and kids in the Bay Area!

--Seen the Zeppelin riding over San Francisco (that thing that looks like a blimp)? Get some great pictures of what it's like to ride in one. And see how much of the Bay Area you can identify by air.

--Have you eaten at the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen? This made me really hungry - and I just had dinner.

--78 things to do this summer (Red Tricycle)

--Billy Elliot is coming to San Francisco on June 27. Read a kid-friendly/family-friendly review of Billy Elliot here. A hint: it's a GREAT show for boys and girls. And parents.

--Speaking of Billy Elliot, did you see the opening number from the Tony's, with Neil Patrick Harris? I won't give away the number's title, but it's awesome. I can't wait to see the Book of Mormon.

--Frog Mom in California just posted a great round-up of fun things to do for a weekend in Napa - with the kids. Waterfalls, bakery and swimming at Coppola's winery (which I had mentioned in a previous post). If you need a babysitter while you're in Napa/wine country (going to a wedding or want an evening out with the spouse), consider All About Kids, who has a sitter service there (disclosure: and is a Frisco Kids advertiser).

--We've been known to make our kids exercise in the airport, to get out their shpilkes (energy) before boarding the plane. We do this by making them climb stairs, run races (when it's not too crowded) and walk back and forth on the people mover (not standing, but walking). Well, has an adult workout that we may have the kids try next time we fly. Okay, maybe we'll do it with them. We'll look like idiots, but hey - we look like idiots anyway. The video is kind of amusing - plus they all have British accents which is always a pleasure to listen to.

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