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Friday, March 11, 2011

How to Make Easy Panda Cupcakes

Thought I'd bring you another installment in cute cupcakes. Pretty easy to make. You need a normal size cupcake and a mini cupcake. Chocolate and vanilla frosting. Black writing icing. Mini chocolate chips, normal size Oreos and mini Oreos.

Frost the normal cupcake with chocolate frosting. Crush up a few Oreos and put them over the frosting. Frost the mini cupcake with vanilla. Use writing icing to make the face, and use mini chocolate chips for the eyes and nose. Put that mini cupcake on its side, on top of the bigger cupcake.

Cut a mini Oreo in half and separate it - use one half for each ear, attached with frosting. Do the same for the arms, but attach them to the bigger cupcake. For the feet, cut a bigger Oreo in half, and attach to the plate with frosting.

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