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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Win a free closet makeover

You must know that January is Get Organized month, as well as get fit and start on all those new year's resolutions and start watching Oprah's new OWN cable network. My resolution was to start blogging again and I did it! Sorry for the absence. It got crazy toward the end of the year with the holidays, kids off school, and travel.

But now I'm back. And I plan to clean up my office, which is a huge disaster. Especially since my printer died yesterday and I spent time buying a new one and getting it set up. It's wireless (woo hoo!) with printing, copying, scanning and I think faxing from my computer capabilities. All for $60 (thanks for the sale, Target!). Now my daughter can print her poems (like today's, titled "The Toilet is Clogged") remotely, from her bedroom.

All this talk, though, is a prelude to the cluttered closet makeover contest sponsored this month by the National Association of Professional Organizer's Bay Area Chapter (NAPO-SFBA, for short). The winner gets his/her closet transformed into an island of tranquility and pretty boxes, compliments of NAPO and $500 in a gift certifcate to the Closet Factory.

The total package is worth $2300 and includes 6 hours of the organizer team's service.

Sign me up! Here's how. Send a photo of your disasterous closet (like the one above, thanks to Apreche/Flickr) to, along with up to 500 words describing how pathetic your closet is. Send it by 8 p.m. on  January 17th, and include your name, address and phone number, and where you heard about the contest (no, I don't win anything if you tell them about Frisco Kids AND you win). You also agree to let them use before and after photos, and your first name and city. Winners are announced January 26th.

The Bay Area borders for winning are San Rafael (north), San Jose (south) and Concord (east). Your closet can't be deeper than six feet. If that's not enough rules, you can view them all here.

Maybe after the contest, your closet will look like this (and you'll thank me).

Thanks, Dansays/Flickr, for the photo!

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