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Friday, September 5, 2008

Coming Up: Jet Pack demonstrations at Hiller Aviation Museum

What’s cooler than flying around via jetpack? Not much! Come to the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos this Saturday and Sunday, for a jetpack show. Check the website for the schedule, but each day features several live flights and demonstrations.

For moms and dads between 150-190 pounds (and really moms, which of you will admit to that?), you can use a jet pack simulator, while pre-qualifying for the "The Pilot Search" tryouts. This reality TV show by Jet Pack International, will look for the next generation of jet pack pilots.

When: Sat/Sun Sept 6-7, 2008
Where: Hiller Aviation Museum, 651 Skyway Road in San Carlos
Cost: Adults $10, kids 5-17 are $6, and kids 4 and under are free.


  1. Just another job I had no idea existed...

  2. Debbie: So my husband tried to take the kids to this yesterday, and a jet fuel spill canceled the noon show! I guess they didn't want the jet pack pilot spontaneously combusting. Fair enough.